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Digital Marketing Consulting Services

“Business Transformation in the Digital Marketing Landscape.”


Are you in the market for the best digital marketing consulting services to help bring your business to new heights?  Your marketing data can lead to new opportunities for your business. However, the key is having the right tools and team to unlock relevant market data and insights which can lead to exponential growth.


Marcus Hansen Consulting is a consulting service firm specializing in helping brands uncover their strengths and hidden opportunities. We look into the marketing strategy and analyze the statistics that can help you achieve your maximum ROI in both the short and long-term. 


With 15 years of experience, we've got the digital marketing experience, expertise, and know-how to bring your business to success. If you want to achieve your dream business, we encourage you to book a free consultation today!


What Is Digital Marketing Consultancy?

With an ever-changing digital landscape, many businesses aren't sure how to focus their marketing efforts. That's why hiring a digital marketing consultancy is a must to create productive strategies that can boost your business’ growth.


As a core activity of a business, many companies seek independent advice to ensure that their digital marketing plans are well thought out and carried out efficiently. A consultancy like ours focuses on growth channels and takes advantage of changing marketing trends. We have time tested methodologies to use social media, content marketing, paid search, video and search engine optimization (SEO) to help achieve your business goals. From creating new content to revamping websites, our results-driven strategies can help you build a powerful online presence.


Digital Marketing Audits

As your business grows, it's more important than ever to monitor your digital marketing efforts and ensure you're getting the best results for your dollar. A digital marketing audit is a review of your current website, social media accounts, and paid advertising platforms to determine whether they’re effectively achieving their goals. It helps you identify areas for improvement and determine how to prioritize your efforts moving forward.


If you want to have clear strategic goals, you need a comprehensive digital marketing audit that focuses on driving your brand’s sales and growth. Our audit services include:


SEO Audits

We’ll analyze how your website performs in search engines, including its ranking position and traffic volume. With the data, we can create a plan for improving rankings and increasing traffic.

Paid Advertising Audits

A paid advertising audit tells you how much money you're spending on each type of paid ad and which ones are working best. This will help you decide where to focus your efforts going forward.

Conversion Audits

We evaluate how well your website is converting visitors into leads and sales. This allows you to pinpoint bottlenecks in the conversion process and make changes based on those insights.


Our Strategic Solutions

It doesn’t take a genius to create a website or optimize your ad budget, but it does take an expert with years of experience to build a strong online presence and yield optimal results. At Marcus Hansen Consulting, we help you align your efforts with your goals and empower you with tactics to build an army of loyal customers. Our actionable plans will assist you with building a community around your brand.

SEO Consulting

We'll determine what keywords are best for your business and create an SEO strategy that will drive organic traffic to your site.

Content Marketing

Content is king! Thus, we aim to empower you with the knowledge, tips, and tricks to produce content that will entice your audience into profitable action.

Social Media Consulting

Social media is designed to improve brand awareness, engagement, and revenue. Through strategic positioning, you can create marketing campaigns that drive revenue.

Adwords Consulting

Our team will work with you to create an effective paid advertising campaign that will attract new customers while maximizing ROI.

Conversion Consulting

We'll review your current website or app and make recommendations for improvements that will increase conversions and sales.

Video Marketing Services

From start to finish, we manage all aspects of your video marketing.  This includes strategy, script writing, video production, editing, and distribution. If you are not doing video already, you need to start today. 

Our Process

Once you engage with us, we first investigate your organization's objectives, goals, brand image, strengths, and weaknesses. Then, we develop a data-driven strategy that blends tried-and-tested processes and the latest marketing trends. Our research-based consulting rests on a foundation of data and analytics to create a culture-based strategy that is tailored to your unique business objectives.

At Marcus Hansen Consulting, we strive to provide digital marketing consulting services that can help you build your desired business exposure. Our process is rooted in designing a culture-based strategy based on business objectives, data analytics, and in-depth market research.

Book a Free Consultation Today

If you want to reach your business goals with the right strategies, don’t hesitate to request a free consultation today! Find out now how we can help you get the most effective digital marketing strategy for your budget.

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