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Your Guide to the Latest Micro Influencer Marketing Trends

Influencer marketing, as an industry, is set to reach a value of $109 billion by 2028. This is a huge leap from its current estimated value of $13 billion. The driving force behind this growth has been, for quite some time, larger influencers and sponsors.

You might be surprised to learn, though, that micro influencer marketing is becoming a vital component of any marketing strategy. Reaching out to an audience and building brand trust through influencers seems to be the right call.

There are many signs that point to micro influencer marketing as a good idea. Keep reading to learn what these signs are, and what trends will look like for 2023.

A Guide to Micro Influencer Marketing Trends

As follower count drops in value, and viewer engagement becomes a top priority, micro influencers are climbing in popularity when it comes to marketing strategies. It's surprising it took so long for brands to identify this as an opportunity to connect with consumers.

As you might expect, consumers of specific products can easily be found in the "follower" list of micro influencers, especially those with a niche.

Authenticity Over Output

One of the first trends you should keep in mind involves authenticity over output. It seems that larger content creators are directed heavily by how algorithms treat them on any given platform. When these creators notice certain pieces of their content receive more attention than others, they tend to follow that trend and create content in that direction.

Micro influencers, however, follow an entirely different path. They often pick a niche or specific set of content, and create related content regardless of the reactions of their viewers. This is dependable and authentic content that's set to create a reliable and engaging audience over time.

An Increase in Video Content Creation

Blogs, articles, tweets, and Instagram photo posts have the potential to generate quite a bit of buzz. They're also still great channels for building an audience. However, you can expect a drastic increase in video content creation in the near future.

While many video formats work well, short-form videos are considered the best option for lead generation and engagement. They're short, to the point, and are much better for keeping viewers watching until the end. This is the perfect mix for opportunities for brand representation.

More Followers for Smaller Creators

Variety creators can engage the famous "wider audience," but they lack user retainment. Over time, these creators tend to hit a plateau. And, unless they make major changes to their content or find a niche, they often lose engagement slowly over time.

You can expect to see a trend of smaller creators gaining more and more followers in the coming months. Users are able to quickly refine search results to find creators that offer content that's tailored to their specific needs or desires. Even if micro influencers don't gain the astronomical numbers of larger creators, their audience is almost always more engaged, more trusting, and loyal.

TikTok Spending Will Go Up

While this isn't breaking news, it's worth mentioning that the powerhouse that is TikTok will find more companies spending on their platform. The app is now a titan in the entertainment industry, with tons of options for marketing strategies.

When it comes to micro influencer marketing, a lot of this additional spending will land in smaller influencer's laps. This along with the trend of larger variety creators finding niches that fit them best. When targeting smaller creators for marketing, all that's left is teaching them how to create viral TikTok videos.

More Niche Creators

As mentioned before, a large portion of the creators on multiple platforms will slowly gravitate to a niche. This will result in two major influencer marketing changes.

First, this shift will create more competition in various niches. You can expect to see more creators collaborating and creating videos for seemingly less popular topics. However, users will find the content more relevant, and will be more open to advertising in said content.

The second major change involves marketing spending trends. As more and more users start following and engaging with the content from niche creators, budgets will have to accommodate accordingly. Prices for smaller creators will get much more competitive.

Be Ready for CIOs

If you haven't heard of them yet, you will soon enough. Chief influence officers will become a trend, as the influencer industry is demanding more respect as time goes on. CIOs will be involved in all brands that have a marketing team. It's a very specialized field, but is currently a vacuum that needs to be filled.

Even companies that are getting started, and just learning how to build a digital marketing agency will have to keep this in ind.

Growth in Multi-Platform Influencers

Finally, you can expect to see two changes regarding multi-platform influencers. First, creators that are popular and successful on one platform will start to expand and create content on others. But that's not the most important part of this trend.

What matters most, is that the followers of said content creators will follow them across platforms. It's essential to keep this in mind. Multi-platform micro influencers have enormous potential. This is because they expand the toolset of any marketing team behind them.

Video content creators will expand their reach and engage more like-minded individuals via images, text, and other media formats. And, because their fans are so loyal, their online presence has the potential to grow exponentially.

Influencer Marketing Trends

Micro influencer marketing is set to see some impressive changes in the near future. They've often been overlooked, with the market's preference for creators that have large followings. But, analyzing engagement and viewer loyalty, it's no surprise that brands are ready to invest in the smaller creators.

Get in touch if you're interested in building micro influencers into your marketing strategy. We're more than happy to help you connect with an audience using YouTube and viral social media content.

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