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SEO Consulting That Drives Results

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, can be a true game changer for businesses, if set-up correctly.  How can it change the game? Simple, for one, it can lower acquisition costs dramatically.  As the cost to acquire a new customer are increasing, investment in SEO can lower CPAs for all companies. Think of this.  Once your SEO results are achieved (top revenue generating keywords rank number 1), your budget is set to maintance which is normally just 50% of your initial investment. The issue for most is they do not perform SEO correctly.  That is where our SEO Consulting can help.  We have a tried and true SEO consulting strategy that identifies quick fixes, estimated results, and a "sprint" style strartegy that produces quick results.  

SEO Can Reduce The Cost of Customer Acquisition by 87.41%

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Our SEO Consulting Process

With over 15 years of experience in SEO, we know how to get the job done.  We have helped hundreds of websites rank number one for some of the most difficult keywords in the world.  If we can do that, imagine what we can do to help you. 

Step One: Find Starting Point

To be the most effective, we analyze a client's entire website for:

  1. Technical SEO

  2. Content

  3. Backlink Building

These three areas account for over 90% of the ranking algorithm from Google.  This is done to identify what needs to be fixed.  We then rank each area of improvement to identify which focus areas of SEO will provide the largest change in Google rankings.  

Step Two: Choose The Right Keywords

All keywords are not the same.  Many SEO consulting firms may provide you a large list, which includes question based searches.  Although this is the right way to launch a 12 month strategy, this is NOT how we manage an SEO consulting campaign.  


We look for keywords which provide qualified traffic which can take actions which the company has identified as important.  Many companies, in the beginning, want to increase sales.  This means we need to focus our SEO efforts on finding keywords that lead to conversion.  These are called "high intention" keywords.  Keywords that show the intention to do business are alway prioritized for short term results. 

Step Three: Blog Calendar Creation

Once we have identified the keywords, we review the questions people ask in the industry.  We then write a content calendar for your writers to follow to produce at least 2 blogs per week which will support the growth of the website, while still sticking to the topics that matter to your customers.  These blogs are considered "top of the funnel" content.  This means they are in the early stages of needing your product.  We highly recommend using re-targeting ads to continually speak with these site visitors. 

Step Four: Tracking Results

Finally, there is no point to investing in SEO if you do not track results.  Part of our SEO consulting is setting you up with tracking software that provides valuable feedback on keyword rankings, traffic, and overall website health.  This is key to understanding how your investment is providing results for the business. 

How We Work

Our SEO Consulting provides information to make changes that provide results.  However, we also provide references to tools and provide implementation and link building services.  Our focus is to deliver what our clients needs to drive the results they want in the shortest period of time. ​

SEO Consulting Cost

Consulting costs vary by scope, however the average spend per client is $2,500/month.  This gives us enough hours to perform everything listed above. This includes  

First Steps: What Can SEO Do For You?

Talk is cheap, and we know it.  Over the last 15 years we have learned that many SEO companies are less than honest.  They focus on what "Could" happen as a dream, versus what the client can actually expect.  So, we developed a system that will use keywords, audits, and competitive metrics to provide a true 3, 6, and 12 month results  graph to show our clients what is actually possible.  This process is 100% free to everyone.  To get your free results estimate, complete the form below. 

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