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Video Production Agency That Comes To You.

Those who use video in their marketing efforts say that video has increased their website traffic by 86%, their leads by 84%, and Directly contributed to an increase of 78% in sales. With these numbers, almost all businesses should be using video.  So how can we help?​

Our video marketing services span all aspects of videos that help the bottom line and grow the client's brand. With over 12 years of marketing experience we know what works.  This includes creating viral social media videos and using Youtube videos to drive results. Better yet, everything you need is included in our pricing.

Videos account for over 80% of consumer internet traffic in 2022. 

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Why Video Marketing?

Think about your social media pages.  What do you see more of, text or video? I am willing to bet that video owns yours page.  In fact, the number one social platform is TikTok, which offers ONLY video in 15, 30, 60, and 120 second format.  In fact, this model of video is so valuable that Instagram started "Reels" and YouTube (the second largest search engine in the world) started "Shorts".  So, what is your company doing to build brand and sales from these channels?

Video Production Cost

Our Video production services offer our clients one-time and monthly video creation based on what the customer is looking for.  In a single month package we will create over 20 short form videos, one full brand video, AND testimonial videos.  Our pricing also includes travel costs, post edits, and script writing.  Starting at $9,000 for a single month or $7,000/month for a 3 month commitment our pricing is competitive and easy to understand.  Our monthly video marketing service also comes with 5 hours of free marketing consulting on how to launch, marketing, and ensure the success of the videos we film.  Unlike most video production companies which just shoot your video, we help your videos gain transaction and provide consulting on how to utilize these videos to increase revenue and brand. 

Video Production Day - What to Expect

Our team performs research prior to video production day.  This includes understanding the questions people ask in your industry, what keywords are searched (SEO), and writing scripts that include a proven model for viral video production.  These scripts are sent to the client prior to video production day for review and editing. The scripts are built for short form but also Youtube marketing as well. 

The team will fly out to film whomever is going to be the spokesperson. We will mic them up, set-up lighting, and a teleprompter with preloaded scripts. We then go through the script and also have general conversation.  We continuously shoot high res video during conversations about the business.  This provides us stock footage that may be edited into future videos for that client.  In total, this process takes roughly 2-4 hours depending on the topics. 

End of day, video is the new "content is king".  It's our job to identity what topics will make our client's firms king in their industry.  Check out the video's we have done below.  

Short form videos, IE: 15-45 second videos do very well on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Youtube Shorts. This is how you  create viral videos that provide a high ROI. 

Brand videos are a great way to explain your business and why clients should buy from you.  These are normally hosted on all social media accounts but also your website. 

Nothing says "we know what we are doing" more than high quality videos of your clients reviewing your services.  We excel and taking a testimonial and turning it into gold. 

Have real estate to sell? How about a great location or high end addiction center? Drone and walk-through videos are the key to showing off your space. 

Explainer videos outline your business and it's services in a fun, engaging way.  This is also a lower cost option to a full video production. 

Viral Video Production

Testimonial Videos

Explainer Videos

Brand Story Videos

Drone and Walk Through


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