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YouTube Marketing Services

YouTube is the second largest search engine, next to  This means people are looking for your content on you have any?

Our agency helps companies grow through organic results on Youtube as well as paid YouTube marketing Services.  Our agency is happy to build video content specifically for Youtube. This includes brand videos, how to videos, and much more.  As we are also very well versed in Search Engine Optimization, we will perform keyword research to find what terms people search for most within your industry, then write the scripts, fly to your location, film everything, then finally make it perfect in post production. 

Youtube Advertising Cost

The average cost can range from 3 cents to 30 cents per view.  Now, the real question is what is a standard monthly budget be.  As an agency, we like to hyper target to begin with.  This process uses targeting within the Youtube marketing platform to ensure we are speaking to the right audience.  Many times, this uses keywords and even showing ads on your competitors videos. So what is the average budget for Youtube ads? We like to have roughly $3,500/month, then grow from there based on results. 

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Youtube Kewyord Research

Not only are we a Youtube marketing agency, we are also an SEO agency.  We focus our efforts on what people are searching for on Youtube based on data.  We complete a comprehensive keyword review based on a client's industry and provide this to the client for feedback prior to moving on to the next phase. This ensures the keywords we target will move the needle. 

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Youtube Script Writing

Once the team identifies the proper keywords and audience to target on Youtube, our professional writers will create over 20 scripts to be used on Youtube videos as well as Youtube "Shorts".  These scripts are built to not only rank for keywords on Youtube, but also build brands and increase conversions. 

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Filiming and Post Production

Our team of vidographers as well as a producer will fly out to the client location to shoot all aspects.  During this time, there may be additional videos created based on what we see.  After filming is complete, our post production team will take all videos shot a cut them for social media, Youtube, and Youtube shorts. 

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